Traxor: True Relationship Management
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Traxor has a unique architecture specifically designed to meet the challenges of relationship management. All information is linked by meaningful context-sensitive (two-way) relationships.

What is 'true' Relationship Management?

In Traxor, anything or anyone can be related to anything else in contexts you define; people to the jobs they occupy, to other people they know, to opportunities etc. Organizations are related to subsidiaries, partners and customers.

Enter information once and once only and then relate it as necessary. There's no need to delete either; simply un-relate items e.g. when a person leaves a position, and/or relate them to their new position. This ensures a history of relationships and it enables duplication to be eliminated

Relate don't duplicate!

Data duplication is the bane of information systems and a real problem for relationship management. It happens because traditional business systems are not suited to relationship data.

Conventional systems, including CRM, are optimized for transaction-orientated data (facts and figures) which is easily organized and tabulated. However, relationship information is unstructured and  much harder to organize. We humans ‘organize’ it in our heads as a network of interconnected items, but doing that in a  conventional system would be like loading multiple interlinked mind maps into a spreadsheet. They simply aren’t designed for that level of cross-linking; duplication of some data is the way around it.

Traxor's relationship model provides the ultimate flexibility. You define the relationships you want and how they should be managed.


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