Relationship Building


Quickly build personal trust with your customers and clients.

Sales Productivity


Identify and create new opportunities through high-trust relationships.

Performance Management


Use technology to measure your business to business relationships.

Enterprise-wide Execution


Implement best practice relationship management enterprise-wide.

Relationship Capital


Measure, grow and manage your most valuable intangible asset.


Traxor is Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables True Relationship Management (TRM). Traxor performs a number of CRM functions, however its purpose and the way it works is quite different. CRM systems manage contacts; Traxor manages relationships.

People do business with people

But that's not how conventional business information systems see things. Theirs is a world of contacts, which refer to roles or job positions in organizations and people are simply text entries (i.e. names) in contact records.  As people come and go the names change as we keep track of the role but not of the person. So, whilst in the real world relationships are between people, our systems think they’re between job positions.

The growth of online networking sites (e.g. Linked In, Facebook et al) demonstrates our desire for relationships, but these sites are about ‘networks’ (i.e. links or touch points) rather than relationships. They do not for example, enable insights into  trust, power, or influence, all of which are essential dimensions of meaningful interpersonal relationships. Traxor does.

True Relationship Management

Traxor measures, monitors and manages business relationships; it is about quality of relationships, where social networks for example are about quantity of touch points,  Traxor represents a paradigm shift in information systems where individual people are related (linked in meaningful contexts) to the people they know, organizations, events and any other relevant information.

Traxor measures the type and strength of each relationship and the power and influence of the other person and extrapolates that to show overall organization to organization Relationship Security and the scope and depth of relationships with people of power and influence. To see what measurement looks like, take a look these Traxor Relationship Reports.

Bottom Line: Traxor shows the extent to which individuals and organizations have the right relationships with the right people to enable dramatic (measurable) improvement in relationship/account management and marketing/sales strategies.


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