Traxor: Manage Relationships. Manage Accounts
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  • Measure the strength and quality of your relationships person-to-person, by organization, by department, market sector etc.
  • Use focused charts to confirm your relationships are with the right people in the right organizations and highlight relationship strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.   
  • Track every relationship; the people you know and the full history of your interaction with them as they change roles or organizations.
  • Relate (link) people in meaningful contexts e.g. as influencers, referrers, buyers in organization or opportunities. Easily identify and focus on your most critical relationships.
  • Relate actions, notes and documents to organizations, people, opportunities and projects in meaningful contexts.
  • Create Relationship (e.g. Account) Management plans based on objective performance measures.
  • Have meaningful counseling sessions with relationship managers e.g. salespeople, based on objective performance data.  
  • Coordinate account management, sales and support activity across large and distributed Accounts.
  • Use network maps to ‘see’ your relationships(due late 2010)


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