Relationships or Contacts?
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Traxor is Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables Total Relationship Management, which is not the same as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). While Traxor does perform a number of CRM functions, its purpose and the way it works is quite different.

Do you have Contacts or Relationships?

CRM manages contacts. Traxor manages relationships.

Contacts are people you know in specific contexts; they are your connections to organizations. For example, ‘my contact at ABC Ltd is Kay Smith the VP’. You need to know Kay because she’s the VP, not because she’s Kay.

Relationships are connections to people. If you have a good relationship with the VP at ABC Ltd, it’s because you have a good relationship with Kay, not the VP position. When Kay leaves ABC, you delete her name from your CRM and enter the the name of her replacement, Jim Brown.

Your contact at ABC is still the VP, but your relationship with ABC has now changed...especially if you don't get on with Jim!

Contact systems cannot understand relationships.

The Traxor difference

Traxor shows relationships between people, who in turn are related to (occupy) positions in organizations. When Kay leaves ABC Ltd, you would simply vacate her and when she moves to a new position, you would have her occupy it. Your relationship with Kay is preserved, together with the full history of your previous interaction with her at ABC. In addition, you are now seen as having a relationship with the company Kay has moved to.


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