Relationship Building


Quickly build personal trust with your customers and clients.

Sales Productivity


Identify and create new opportunities through high-trust relationships.

Performance Management


Use technology to measure your business to business relationships.

Enterprise-wide Execution


Implement best practice relationship management enterprise-wide.

Relationship Capital


Measure, grow and manage your most valuable intangible asset.

Traxor Relationship Reports
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Traxor provides a large selection of reports, charts and other on-screen information that provide varying insights into the quality, strength, spread and security of your relationships. The starting point for measurement is the relationships between individuals. These are then 'rolled-up' to provide metrics of organization to organization relationships.

Traxor offers unlimited flexibility in defining grouping criteria. For example you may want to assess your relationships with companies in a particular market segment, or departments within those organizations e.g. your customer service department with the people in customer organizations that interact with it.

All reports are 'real-time', displaying the situation at the time they are viewed. You can bookmark your favourites to ensure they are only ever a click away.

Here are some examples of the charts available in Traxor. Click on a thumbnail for a full-size image (opens in a new window) and a brief summary of just some of the insights the chart provides.


Relationships Security Matrix

Plots organizations on a chart according to how well they match your ideal customer criteria (horizontal axis) and your Relationship Security with them (vertical axis).

Relationship Security

Accessed by drilling down on any organization in the Relationship Security Matrix chart (above). Uses a traffic light format to highlight relationships needing attention e.g. improving relationships that have a red light will make the most immediate impact on overall Security.

Relationship Security Ranking

Shows organizations ranked by Relationship Security from the highest (most secure) to the lowest.

Relationship Security (Relationship Manager)

Ranks Relationship Managers by overall Security of the relationships they are responsible for. May be used as the basis for determination and measurement of individual Relationship KPI's

Relationship Type Trend

Shows the change in the mix of Relationship Types for a person, group or organization over time.  Typically you would want to see an increase in the number and proportion of “Partner” relationships.

Relationship Types

Shows the current distribution of Relationship Types for a person, group or organization, including a segment for Unknown (no score).

Relationship Questionnaire

A simple 12-item questionnaire reflecting a conversation between two people that enables the type and strength of the relationship between them to be scored. Scores may also be entered manually once people are experienced enough to assess their relationships.

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