Relationship Building


Quickly build personal trust with your customers and clients.

Sales Productivity


Identify and create new opportunities through high-trust relationships.

Performance Management


Use technology to measure your business to business relationships.

Enterprise-wide Execution


Implement best practice relationship management enterprise-wide.

Relationship Capital


Measure, grow and manage your most valuable intangible asset.

Sales Road
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SalesRoad builds on the relationship-building capabilities of Engage to transform your sales processes from traditional ’push’ methods.... overcoming objections, trial closes etc, to a ‘pull’ approach that encourages people to buy from you because they trust you.

The innovative DECIDE framework is a powerful consensus building approach where salespeople engage cooperatively with each buyer assisting them to discover the individual value they need:

Discovery – finding the buyers.
Engagement – interacting with buyers to become a trusted adviser.
Collaboration/Consensus – arriving at a mutual understanding of the buyer’s needs and perceptions of value.
Invention – assisting buyers to create their solution that meets their perception of value.
Dovetail – matching your products/services to the buyer’s solution.
Endorsement – gaining the buyer’s commitment to buy from you.

The SalesRoad Workshop
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In the SalesRoad Workshop, participants work with their own opportunities. They learn Situation Appraisal to accurately asses their current position, exploring Strategic Options, selecting the best Option (the next Objective) and then planning the Strategy and Tactics to achieve it.

In an interactive yet structured environment participants work cooperatively, challenging assumptions, confirming understanding and exploring options, which encourages breakout thinking.

Participants see immediate results, creating innovative strategies for their own opportunities that they can put to immediate use back on the job, by learning how to:

  • Recognise sale opportunities they can win, and those they can’t.
  • Perform a Situation Appraisal to determine exactly where they are in a sales opportunity.
  • Build a step by step strategy to win a sale.
  • Understand power and influence and how the buying decision will be made.
  • Manage complex sales i.e. many Buyers.
  • Use the D-E-C-I-D-E sequence to guide buyers from needs clarity to buying commitment.
  • Build high-trust relationships quickly and have buyers regard you as their Trusted Advisor.
  • Understand value.
  • Discover and understand buyer perceptions of value.
  • Become (and be seen as) the best source of value to buyers.
  • Use SalesRoad BOOSTTM peer-review sessions to dramatically improve sales strategies.
  • Drive the buying agenda and manage the buying process.
  • Understand the roles people play when they buy.
  • Understand each buyer’s real needs and motivation
  • Create and maintain a balanced pipeline of sales opportunities.