Smarter Selling
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Smarter Selling introduces a new approach to sales that moves consultative selling to a new dimension – a dimension that the word 'consultative' suggests, but that in practice is not always achieved. Second generation consultative selling establishes a similar level of trust between buyer and seller as exists between doctor and patient.

Smarter Selling describes a sales journey that progresses at a natural pace, where buyer and seller collaborate, with the seller facilitating the buyer’s thought process and helping them achieve their goals. This results in a sales experience that the buyer enjoys rather than endures; that is recognized as different; and that the buyer wants to repeat.

Smarter Selling adds a human dimension to the sales process, recognizing that it is people who make buying decisions – and they make them based on instinct more often than intellect. As one sales director commented: 'your approach provides the missing piece – the explanation for why we sometimes win jobs when our offering is similar to our competitors.'

How is Smarter Selling different to other sales books?

Research shows that the move from a product selling approach to a relationship-based selling approach is the hardest behavioral shift a salesperson ever has to make. Because of this we have provided case studies, exercises and self “tests” throughout the book.

The aim in Smarter Selling is to take readers on a journey. A journey that involves building solid working relationships where buyers see salespeople as helpful, knowledgeable partners. Someone they trust and want to work with. The IOWEU approach (literally 'I owe you') helps readers develop an understanding of the mindset required. To practice the skills without developing the mindset is a sham. Buyers will see through it. Mindsets and skillsets must be aligned.

Smarter Selling changes people. Buyers become more open and trusting – they share information freely and provide valuable citations and referrals. Colleagues and business associates share leads with you, safe in the knowledge that you will respect and honor their trust in you. You become more relaxed and confident, enjoying the selling process and the help you bring to your buyers.

Smarter Selling contains important messages for many audiences:

  • Anyone with a direct need to sell.
  • Anyone responsible for a team or organization that needs to sell.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their own ability to develop deep business relationships.
  • Anyone wanting to improve relationships within a team or organization.

The approaches in this book have been applied across many industries and in more than 50 countries. Language is not an issue; since it is people and how they think and behave that we are dealing with, not the words they use. Equally, although culture plays a part in the social norms of the sales interaction, particularly at the start, experience shows that these approaches are applicable across cultures.

Is this book for you?

Smarter Selling shows you the strategies to differentiate your sales approach through:

  • Recognizing how you are perceived by others and being able to change that perception.
  • Understanding the relationship you have with different buyers and knowing how to change the nature of those relationships.
  • Understanding buyer types and roles and being able to adjust the approach needed for each different buyer.
  • Identifying price-busters, deal-hunters and value-buyers, then allocating your precious time and energy more effectively.
  • Initiating buyer interactions in a way that signals your clear focus on the buyer’s needs.
  • Engaging in a needs identification process that is open, free from manipulation and enjoyable for the buyer.
  • Collaborating with your buyers to jointly identify and evaluate potential solutions presenting your ideas credibly and persuasively.

The impact is cumulative. Taken alone, each step represents a small piece of the process. Added together they represent a different, enjoyable and memorable buyer experience.

Smarter Selling is published in five languages and is available from most good business book shops as well as online from:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Australian Institute of Management

  'If you read SPIN Selling, you should read Smarter Selling. This book completes the jigsaw of buyer influences through addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of the sales process.'

'I ordered the book direct from the UK and it arrived last week.  It's a great read and I can already see where I need to change.'

'The content of your book "Smarter Selling" was  very consistent with the feedback we received in our major customer research. We want to move away from "servicing" and "selling" to demonstrating to our customers that we value them by dedicating time to understand their business and as a result developing solutions that are very relevant.'

'I have devoured ¾ of your book as I write this early on Sunday morning.  All I can say is that in my opinion this is one of the most important, significant and timely bundles of knowledge in the public domain.'

'I picked up your book whilst I was in the US last week and read it cover to cover on the flight back.  Every single page resonates with me!'