Relationship Building


Quickly build personal trust with your customers and clients.

Sales Productivity


Identify and create new opportunities through high-trust relationships.

Performance Management


Use technology to measure your business to business relationships.

Enterprise-wide Execution


Implement best practice relationship management enterprise-wide.

Relationship Capital


Measure, grow and manage your most valuable intangible asset.

Enterprise-wide Execution
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Do you need strategies that will...

  • Measurably improve the strength of your business relationships organization-wide?
  • Maximize the ROI on your business relationships?
  • Enable your people to build high-trust relationships that win business on your terms?
  • Enable you to identify and focus on your most valuable relationships?
  • Enable you to execute on all of the above?

Then we may be able to help you.


Trusted Relationships: your highest return asset

A Booz Allen Hamilton survey, conducted with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management [in 2001] provides persuasive evidence that companies investing in “relational assets” (defined as the firm’s network of relationships with its customers and suppliers, alliance partners, and employees) outperform others financially. No matter the context, trust-based, mutually satisfying long-term relationships between people have enormous value.

Well, the survey confirms the anecdotal evidence; virtually anyone in business person knows the value of relationships. The real challenge is to know:

What is the value exactly?

Is it increasing or diminishing?

How do we increase it?

Enterprise is a management framework that answers those questions. It enables you to:

  • Measure your Relationship Capital.
  • Measure and manage your Relationship Security.
  • Grow and leverage your Relationship Capital.
  • Predict and manage sales performance rather than react to results.
  • Allocate the most effective resources to relationship management. 
  • Embed effective Relationship and Sales Management processes organization-wide.

Related Vision delivers training, advice and tools that enable you to grow, measure and manage your Relationship Capital.

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